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Types of Films

Lamination is to apply a thin layer (about 1 mm thick) plastic on print media (paper, cardboard or synthetic paper) with a minimum thickness of up to 160m a maximum thickness of 28 points.

It is used to protect a printed surface, to reinforce a carton or to prevent cracking. Lamination can also be used to prepare a surface for stamping, UV coating or printing. It can also serve as a barrier to grease or odor.


Whether to protect a document, to prolong its life, or to strengthen the paper, you need to choose the right type of film. You will find below the list of the types of films that offer.

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Polypropylene Film (OPP)

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Available in Matte (see below for Mat Scuff Free) and Gloss, they are used in most standard cases, on bookmarks, on business cards, book covers or simply to strengthening the cardboard and give a matte or glossy finish.

You can use our Matte film to apply a spot UV, full size UV or for hotstamping.

To apply a varnish or stamping on glossy, you must use a film Nylon Gloss (see below).

We can produce OPP Matte or Gloss on a 8½ x 11 up to 40 x 55.

Nylon Film (Lay-Flat)

As its English name mentions, this film allows your sheets remain flat, perfectly straight (no curl). It is slightly thicker than OPP film, it is brighter and gives a more luxurious effect.

Available in glossy, matte (special order) and matte scuff free (special order), it is advisable to use the film when the project will stamping, embossing or UV varnish, as nylon is a more malleable than the other film, so it stretches better.We are able to produce glossy nylon on formats 12x18 to 28x40, and a minimum of 200m thick.For other types of nylon, we do not keep them in stock, we have to order them and within 2 to 3 weeks may be re

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Polyester Film (PET)

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Polyester is known for a number of characteristics that are unique and incomparable among many components in today's industries.

Available in glossy, matte and satin,
this film is appreciated for its high resistance to heat, cold and scratches. It is a good barrier against grease and odors. It is also glueable and stampable.We do not keep a complete inventory as demand for this type of film is low. We must plan within 2 to 3 weeks to receive the film.The minimum size is 14x20 and the maximum is 28x40.

Acrylic Film

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Acrylic is the glossy film (not available in the mat) more resistant to fingerprints.

It is glueable and stampable as nylon, but its quality is slightly lower than nylon, since we must add glue on this film to adheres to the paper.

Some subcontractor working only  with acrylic, so it is very important to inform your manufacturers boxes or binders prior to lamination.

Our equipment allow us to proceed with acrylic on a minimum size of 14x20 up to 40x48 max.

Scuff Free Film (Anti-Scratch)

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The Scuff Free film is available in matt only. A coating on the film allows it to be much more resistant to scratches than other films, which is useful in case your project will have a lot of manipulation through numerous subcontractor.

It is important to note that the Scuff Free no guarantee that your sheets will not be at 100% scratch resistant but it is more resistant than any other film.

It is also compatible with UV coating and is stampable. Embossing is also possible.

We can produce Scuff Free on a minimum size 14x20 to 28x40.

The Texture

The texture is a process and not a type of film. It is done in 3 steps:

  • The sheets are fed to the mill to be laminated with the desired type of lamination.
  • Sheets, now in web, passes into another unit, between a textured roll and a rubber roll with a pressure up to 2,500 to 3,500lbs.
  • The sheets, still web, arrives at the separator to return the web as press sheet.

Texture is compatible with the OPP and Nylons. It is possible to texture the other type of film, but would be required before we proceed.

The minimum size for a texture is 14x20 and 28x40 the maximum and the minimum thickness is 200m.


It is imperative to not apply primer or waterbase on a project that will receive the texture. The "curing" between the glue on the film and the waterbase do not have the time to do this between the lamination and texture, which affects the adhesion and causes lots of small air bubbles. In addition, we recommend using a cardboard "silk" to the effect is at its best.

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Antibacterial Film

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In recent arrival, we have the new antibacterial film.

We are proud to offer a film that inhibits the spread of bacteria such as Escherichia coli (E. coli) and Staphylococcus aureus (Staphylococcus aureus), both responsible for many infections.

This type of lamination will become a staple in environments where the printed surfaces are in contact with the public, or in situations where hygiene is predominantem including hospitals, clinics, CLSC, nursing homes, day care centers, CPE, schools and even the menus in restaurants!

Films for Digital Prints

In recent years, we have witnessed the emergence of new digital presses. The first presses had a lot of oil, silicone or wax so we had to redouble our efforts to find a film that adhered to 100% on this type of printing.

Effective for small runs, we had to adapt our equipment to reduce the amount of waste, to reduce production costs for our customers. Available in gloss and matt, they are gluable and stampables. It may be important to note that our matte film is close to a Velvet and resists scratches almost as well as Scuff Free.

Our equipment allows us to laminate 8½x11 minimum and maximum 14x26.

Velvet Film (Soft Touch)

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The velvet film, also called soft touch, is a deluxe film. His finish is very similar to a real velvet finish.

It may be good to know that this film is fragile for fingerprints and rubbing.

It is also compatible with the application of UV varnish and embossing, but in these cases, we only laminate one side, impossible to run a project with this lamination on front and back which will varnish or embossing.

It should also be a time planned for the order of this film since we do not keep a full inventory.

We can produce 14x20 to 28x40, a minimum thickness of 200m.

Sealable Film

The sealable film is only available at R & L Lamination. It is mainly used for packaging "fold over" that are normally done with "blister" varnish.

Using a sealable film allow you to take a standard cardboard, and saving on the cardboard. In addition, it may be faster to order the film as ordering cardboard "blister board" and further, no minimum is required.

It is very important to ALWAYS use a heat-resistant waterbase for a project that we will apply a sealable film on the printed surface.

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P.L.A. Film (Polylactic Acid)

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The P.L.A. is the film of the hour! Mainly used in packaging, this film is made from plant fibers. When applied to print media, it replaces a poly coated cardboard (Polycoated or greaseproof) without discomfort while being environmentally responsible, that is to say, recyclable and compostable.

Click the image for more info !!

White Film (Poly Backer)

The white film is a OPP. It is printable and glueable. It is generally used as "backing" for lenticular (3D printing). It is important to note that this film is not 100% opaque.

The white film can also be used, as some of our customers use it as grease barrier. It is also possible to have this type of film in PLA (compostable and biodegradable, refer to the section above PLA)

We only have two sizes in stock for this type of film is of 27½ and 39½. So we can run 20x28, and 28x40. It is important to contact us before you start a project that will need white film application.

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